Who are we?

Our Ethos

Here at HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH we believe that people are unique and deserve to be treated that way. God has created us all as individuals and we long to INSPIRE you to become a person that dreams for God.

Our philosophy at Hope is LIFE…God designed us to live life to the full (JOHN 10:10) so as you come into the Community of Hope we pray that you would see AWESOME people living awesome lives, and want to become part of a place that loves you, loves God and loves this CITY.

As a church we want to champion Stoke, and are here to equip you to be an INFLUENCER within this great city of ours.

Stoke is back on the map and with people like you around its going to stay that way…

So join us and get to know the great people here at HOPE and enjoy sharing life together.

Our Vision

1. We connect with God. We learn about Him, but more importantly we get in contact with Him. Learn how to sense His presence and actually know Him.

2. Our lives are transformed. If you really meet God then it changes you. It doesn’t involve a lot of effort, it just kind of happens. If your understanding of God hasn’t caused any change in your life then I humbly suggest that maybe you haven’t really met God.

3. We find our place in God’s plan. The way I see it is like this. I might have a dream for my life, but I’m not big and I’m not clever. God does have a plan for my life; a dream I was created for; a destiny carved out by the almighty. Now that’s a dream worth living for. If I follow God’s plan I can’t fail. If I don’t follow God’s plan it’s going to be hard to succeed. My key to life is simply to find out God’s dream for me, and then I cooperate with Him. If you want help finding out what God might be dreaming for your life then get in touch. Maybe I can help.

4. Growth. If we do the first three then the result will be growth. Our own personal development, a greater depth to our spiritual side and more people finding fulfillment in coming to church.

Our People

Ian Brayshaw is our senior leader. He has a background in teaching science but he’s been involved in leading churches for over twenty years. A gifted communicator with a wealth of knowledge, Ian has the ability to explain profound spiritual truths in a practical and entertaining way. He doesn’t often stand still so here’s one of the few photos which isn’t blurred!

What we believe

Put simply, Hope Community Church believes what the Bible says.

We also believe that everyone is on a spiritual journey and not everyone who comes is at the same point. That means we’re a place where you can be free to explore spirituality and ask as many questions as you like.

We believe that there’s really only one church on the planet and all Christians are part of it. Denominations are a bit of a side issue but they can sometimes be helpful labels if you know what they stand for. Hope is an ‘Assemblies of God‘ church and we agree with their statement of faith.